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Summary of Shaolin Temple Wushu

Shao Lin Wushu is one of famous Wushu schools in our country, with a long history and deep and profound influencing force, it is an important component of Chinese traditional Wushu. “Shao Lin Boxing” and “Shao Lin Stick” are playing very important roles in the history of Wushu of our country.

Except the Shaolin Temple on Mountain Songshan, it's said that Shaolin Temple has established more than ten subsidiary temples in various places all over the country. In Ming Dynasty, another Shaolin Temple was established on Mountain Jiulian in Fujian, and this temple was also renowned for the development of Shao Lin Boxing there. After the Ming Dynasty was destroyed by the Qing Dynasty, many patriots were reluctant to be governed by foreign race and cut hair and went into Shaolin Temple to be monks. The monk Da Zong welcomed heroes from all over the country and founded the Buddhism Hong School, cultivating and developing disciplines and violently advocating rebelling against the Qing Dynasty and resuming the Ming Dynasty, establishing righteousness and eliminating wickedness, and the southern Shaolin Temple became the headquarters of activities of rebelling against the Qing Dynasty and resuming the Ming Dynasty, in the Hall of Justice of the Hong School, the glint and flash of cold steel of valiant soldiers who were hardly practicing skills for fighting enemies were seen everywhere. Later traitors leaked messages to government, and the Hong School was suppressed by army of the Qing government and the Shaolin Temple was burned and destroyed by the Manchu troops.

Before and after the Revolution of 1911, the Shaolin Temple Wushu had been developed further among people, many Wushu clubs were established in various places, and lots of patriots actively learned the Shao Lin Wushu for overthrowing the government of Qing Dynasty. During that time Wushu had always been used in actual combat in revolution, many landlords established “Broadsword Team”, “Shuttle Team”, practice of Wushu was very popular, and Wushu frequently made outstanding achievements in the anti-Qing combats.

After establishment of the Peoplels Republic of China, both the communist party and the government have greatly emphasized the development of the Shao Lin Wushu, Wushu association and Wushu training classes in school of physical training have been established in many provinces and cities to promote and develop the Shao Lin Wushu further, Shao Lin Wushu has been admired and adored among people and has been deeply embedded in ordinary people. Though Shao Lin Wushu had been seriously devastated during ten-year chaos of the Great Cultural Revolution, “E'en fire can't burn them up; againThey rise when vernal breezes blow”, after the “Gang of Four” were overthrown, the prestige of the Shao Lin Wushu has been established again, Wushu training classes has been set up one by one like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, they're inheriting and developing the heritage of Shao Lin Wushu of China and cultivating lots of Wushu talents who have won honors for China in performance and communication of Wushu in foreign countries.

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